Improve research quality with ExCITATION
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Sort search results by number of citations, and quickly identify the leading studies in the field
Quickly identify high-quality sources while avoiding predatory journals
Sort search results by the most common metrics of research-quality
Find high-quality references in no time!
How do I benefit from ExCITATION?
As a researcher by profession, I am often under pressure. Too many commitments clashing with my fast-paced work.
I usually want my literature searches to be accurate and as effortless as possible.
If I am able to identify the right studies in a shorter time, I can be more productive with my publications!
  • ExCitation saves my time!
    Cut literature search time by speeding up the studies selection process, saving 3 hours per week on average*
  • High-quality sources only
    Improves the accuracy of the selection of high-quality sources for your literature search, in only one click!
  • Increases my chance to publish better work in better journals
    ExCitation allows me to quickly sort all literature searches by a number of citations, by impact factor, by journal ranking, and so on.
  • Predatory publishers: keep off!
    ExCitation gives me a warning whenever a source might come from a predatory journal or vanity publisher.

    Pfew! I feel safer now. I know I am in good hands with ExCitation!
  • Early career researchers' dread: mmm... Where to publish?
    If searching for literature in an unfamiliar field, worry no more! ExCitation is the guide leading the way in understanding where to publish next!
  • Phd student? Phd supervisor?
    It is difficult to understand the literature when you start a PhD. ExCitation gives a direction on what studies to include in the literature search.

    For a PhD supervisor, ExCitation offers a tool for their PhD students to get extra help in searching for good sources.
*Estimate: Average results search: 3' per 10 results = 30' per 100 results x 3 search sessions per week = 3 hours
ExCitation features the main metrics for research quality selection.
This gives me the chance to quickly identify the leading studies in my field while ignoring sources of uncertain quality.

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Our Clients
  • Professional researchers

    Academics on teaching and research contracts, scientific researchers both in academia, private or public sector.
  • Doctoral students

    PhD/DBA/MPhil students, their supervisors, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to distinguish themselves in the quality of their dissertations.
  • Institutions
    Universities, research centres and institutes, and private corporations that conduct scientific and technological research.

    Public bodies departments who generate white papers and reports.
We enhance Google Scholar search results with:
  • Sort by Cites and preview abstracts
    Long awaited feature gets most cited papers on top and preview the abstract in one click
  • Sort by the quality of the journals
    SJR ranking and impact factor. More to come: Web of Science, JCR (SCI/SSCI), SJR, SENSE, CABS, ABCDE, Dallas list, ...
  • Export to Excel
    Build your own references database or create your dataset for systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Avoid predatory journals
    (in development)
    Identify and exclude 15,000+ predatory journals and low-quality sources from your search
  • Highlight top ranked sources
    Color coding of impact factor percentile
  • Filter by country of a source
    Narrow down to your community of peers
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